Mistakes. Also known as errors, blunders or in my best legalese, boo-boos.

I am especially interested in historical mistakes. I just read that the City of Bologna Italy  has two towers, “le due torri,” closed to visitors as they are also now leaning. Welcome to Pisa II. What gives?  I visualize the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Surely it would not take legendary  architect Frank Lloyd Wright to notice that it was not rising according to plan. None of us would allow our houses to be built off perpendicular like that without at least emailing the builder at one point and saying, “I don’t know. When you get a chance, please drop by, and have a look.”

I Googled to see if anybody ever sued but saw nothing even remotely resembling, The Municipality of Pisa v The Tower Pros.

I suppose legal action now might be met with a defence argument of some limitation statute. “Hey, we built this thing in 1372. It may be difficult to locate the building inspector.”

All I can say is if you’re thinking of building a tower, be careful.  Don’t make that final payment for a century or two. After all, mistakes can happen.