Poutine on the Orient Express is rated as one of the “Top 34 Best Road Trip Books”


“Your speech was amusing, highly entertaining and at times thought-provoking. We especially appreciated that you tailored your material so that it was appropriate and interesting to [an] audience of judges and their spouses.”

Justice Russell Juriansz, Court of Appeal for Ontario

The Midwest Book Review has referred to Marcel Strigberger as “an irrepressible humorist with a story teller’s flair for spinning a yarn with true (and hysterically funny) insights into the basics of human nature”.

Midwest Book Review

Poutine on the Orient Express is a humourous, well written, imaginative book that will make you think back over your travelling experiences and reminisce as you read. Marcel takes travel to a new level of understanding. Always able to see the laugh behind the situation, Marcel enables us to giggle at travel experiences. It makes a great companion on your next vacation or a great gift for people who love to go away. Marcel imaginative style of writing entertains and made me laugh. I highly recommend Marcel’s book “Poutine on the Orient Express”. Don’t leave home without it.

Dr. Mel Borins- travel writer and author of the books “Go Away-Just for the Health of It,  and

“A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine-What Works, What Doesn’t and Why”.

“The seminar was a very worthwhile experience and went a long way towards building much goodwill for our Department and for our Hospital at large.”

          Reverend Geoffrey Fitpatrick, Chaplain at York Central Hospital

“I received my latest copy of Briefly Speaking. When I receive my OR’s I go straight to the Tribunal Decision Section (obviously). When I get Briefly Speaking I go straight to “Just for Laughs”. While some tribunal decisions may seem sadly funny — Marcel’s articles always get a laugh — and for the right reasons. Thanks.”

Allan Freedman

“Marcel presents a role model for how humour can help, used positively and in good taste. He is especially convincing since he works in a conflictory profession as a lawyer.

I can imagine how he succeeds with humour.”

Ling- YMCA Small Business Week Workshop Series

“Marcel’s sense of humour matched with his care for the human soul was inspiring”

Laurie Noorden- YMCA Small Business Week Workshop Series

At the OTLA New Lawyers Division Conference in September of 2013, Marcel commanded attention to the podium with his style, humour and wit. Through the use of his wit, wisdom and experience, he taught new lawyers the skills needed to fight fires, stay humble, stay civil (and humorous), and most importantly, calm the ruffled feathers of medical practitioners and opposing counsel while still getting the needed response. Thank you Marcel for sharing your time and experience with us!

Sherilyn Pickering of Greg Monforton and Partners