If you simply must know more about Marcel’s background and qualifications

Marcel has published numerous humourous articles in a variety of legal and non legal publications in Canada and the U.S. including The Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail, Stitches (The Journal of Medical humour), Doctor’s Review, Dentist’s Guide, The Canadian Lawyer, Law Times, (Washington), Lawyers Weekly, the ABA Journal (American Bar Association), The Pennsylvania Lawyer, The California Lawyer, New Jersey Lawyer, The Lawyer’s Daily, Briefly Speaking (Ontario Bar Association), The Litigator (Ontario Trial Lawyers Association), Sound Judgement (Oklahoma Bar Association), The Toastmaster, You Are UNLTD  and others.

Marcel has written comedy sketches for CBC radio and television programs, such as “Funny You Should Say That” and “Royal Canadian Air Farce”.

He has keen insight into human nature and this made him a hit while he practiced stand up comedy at Yuk Yuks and other comedy clubs, sharing the stage with the likes of Bob Saget, Howie Mandel, and Jim Carrey.

Marcel has authored three books, namely a hilarious and thought provoking book entitled,

Birth, Death and other Trivialities, which is a humourous philosophical look at the human condition, Poutine on the Orient Express: An Irreverent Look at Travel,  and his most recent opus, Boomers, Zoomers, and Other Oomers: A Boomer-biased Irreverent Perspective on Aging.

Marcel Strigberger is uniquely qualified to deal with life’s so called serious issues in a whimsical and entertaining manner. And he’s a lot more fun to read and to listen to than Rene Descartes, Jean Paul Sartre and Sir Isaac Newton. Maybe not Sir Isaac Newton.


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“He has lightened the air in courtrooms, mediations and resolution meetings resulting in many settlements but his sense of humour is only one ingredient, legal humorist and author Marcel Strigberger.”
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“Even working as a Toronto-based litigator for 42 years, Marcel Strigberger has always considered having a sense of humour a necessity, so it’s no surprise he has written his second book of humour.”
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