Looking for a speaker who is both informative and entertaining, for your event?

Here’s  a menu of some of Marcel’s topics::

How anybody can use humour successfully (including lawyers!)

Suffering from burn out, technological overwhelm or people not acting civilly with you? Marcel can deliver a keynote or participate in a panel discussion focusing on successfully using humour at work, your relationships and otherwise, demonstrating how you can still safely use humour in today’s world without risking getting pummelled or having to resign from your executive position.

What you did not know about lawyers, judges and the law, but always wondered about

We can’t tell you everything here but for starters, judges in Canada don’t use gavels. It gets more exciting and entertaining.

Travel fantasies

Ever wonder why it took hundreds of years to complete those European cathedrals, why Caribbean islands cruises dock at all look alike and whether there is really only one island, and when your rights to return to the all-you-can-eat buffet legally ends?  Fasten your seatbelt for Marcel’s entertaining views on these mystery issues.

Getting older in a younger world. OMG!

Tech stuff is overwhelming. Life can get challenging for those of us who still remember typewriters, dial phones and Lassie. Hillary C asked, “What happened?”  Marcel asks, what’s happening? If you don’t know what Kodak film is, skip this one.

Preventing trouble and diffusing problems

Marcel also does a dynamic presentation, called “Fighting Your Fires”, being an exciting humour laced keynote on preventing trouble and diffusing problems before they rage out of control. In the unlikely event that you ever got into trouble or had a problem, lawyer or not, this talk may be of interest.  (See “more about” below)

    More about spotting and extinguishing problems before they get out-of-control-  Caution-Disclaimer…This can really get serious

    • Do you ever experience trouble?
    • Do you ever find yourself in the middle of sudden conflict?
    • Have you noticed that some people attract trouble better than others?  Have you wondered what their secret is?
    • Can’t you often predict the type of person who will most likely be a participant in road rage, drop out of the race or simply attract bad luck?

    Is there a pattern?
    Let Marcel Strigberger show you or your organization how you can avoid the big fireballs before they roll in.

    BENEFITS Marcel CAN PROVIDE by demonstrating how to:

    • motivate your staff ; raise morale in workplace
    • enhance your organization’s creativity and harmony and minimize politics
    • prevent wrangling. Takes up too much time
    • better deal with customers and public
    • lower stress; keep staff healthier and more creative
    • increase profitability by eliminating problems
    • improve your team’s negotiation skills
    • boost inter-personal relations