I spent a few hours watching the historic Judge Kavanagh Senate confirmation hearings. As there have been more than enough political opinions expressed on the event, I thought I would challenge myself and see if I could come up with nonpolitical observations. I did make a number of which I shall list the top 10. I will however still express my opinions, nonpolitical of course.

1 Dr Christine Ford likes to drink Coca Cola. During her testimony she guzzled what looked like a half litre of regular Coke. Opinion: It may be the real thing but Coke is not too healthy for you.

2 Judge Kavanaugh said he likes beer. Opinion: If he drinks Molson Canadian like I do, then I’d say he’s credible.

3 Judge Kavanaugh often was tearful. Opinion: It’s good to see a judge cry. In my 40 + years of practice judges have often made me want to cry.

4 Senators Grassley and Feinstein are both octogenarians. Opinion: They’re old.

5 Dr Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz’s eyeglasses kept on slipping off her nose. Opinion: She should go to Costco like I do when that happens and get an adjustment.

6 Dr Ford says she has a fear of flying. Opinion: She should never fly with United Airlines.

7 There is a Democratic senator called Whitehouse. Opinion: That’s funny. I doubt there has ever been a president called Capitol Hill.

8 There is a Republican senator from Arizona called Flake. Opinion: This is interesting given than he must be one of few flakes in the desert state.

9 There is a Republican senator called Crapo. Opinion: This name provokes comments. I won’t make any.

10 The Democrat committee members pressed the judge hard on entries in his high school yearbook. Opinion: Yearbook entries can come back to haunt you. In my yearbook post I said when I grow up I wanted to live in Edmonton.

I trust I have stayed true to my intneded goal and not been political. If I have, please speak now. Don’t wait 6 weeks to raise the issue.

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