In a couple of days I leave for Hong Kong where we shall be boarding a cruise ship that will take us to number of ports, ending up in Shanghai. I have never been to China and right now my mind is abuzz with thoughts about that exotic country

I recall my first exposure to the word China was in Montreal as a kid as I was shoveling through a deep pile of snow digging an impressive hole in the heap. A passer- by commented to me, “You dig much deeper you’ll end up in China.”

I had no clue what he meant but I accepted the challenge. I braved a good Montreal winter day digging onwards. Alas, I never reached my destination. As they say, that day my efforts were all about the journey.

The word China also makes me think about Confucius. I wonder, did the man say all these things? How come nobody makes those remarks about other intellectuals? You don’t hear anyone saying, “Donald Trump say.”

China to me also connotes chopsticks. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to use them when we have forks. I did give it a couple of tries over the years and I gave up; just like I did trying to dig that hole to China. Frankly for me that would have been an easier challenge.

I also see visions of that Great Wall of China. It’s interesting fast forwarding to the present how some walls are considered great walls whereas others are considered despicable. As for me I still don’t know what a Facebook wall is.

I am also thinking about the current controversy surrounding Canada and China regarding the extradition of Meng Wenzhou. I do not get political and I hope that one works its way out. I know that when I get to China I shall not be doing anything silly, such as flashing a picture of PM Justin Trudeau. Then again it may give the folks there a good laugh.

One thing will be on my mind. I’ll ponder whether if I dig a large hole on the beach in Shanghai, I’ll end up in Canada.

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